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The journey to find the right combination of romance, friendship and wicked chemistry continues…sigh! Since Part One was written in February of 2014, I have had a knee surgery, endured a cross-country trek and moved to Washington state from California.  I am not a fan of dating in Southern California and the majority of the … Continue reading »

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A Day in the Life Series…Meet Montse Martin-Gray: The Happy Traveler

Montse and I met in the early 1990′s at a Mom’s Club ‘mom’s night out” dinner.  As everyone present introduced themselves and shared a little bit about their lives, it was immediately clear that Montse had led a very different life than the rest.  I was instantly entralled with Montse, who sounds and often acts … Continue reading »

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An Invitation To Travel With Me…

  Traveling for long periods of time requires courage, flexibility, patience, tenacity, humility, trust, diplomacy, confidence, imagination, creativity and last but certainly not least; a sense of humor. This is what allows you to keep your cool when the going gets tough like it can when out on the road.         Everyone … Continue reading »

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It is still hard for me to fathom that the ramifications of my innocent tumble last September in Massachusetts continue to keep me down.  Nearly 6 months after my initial injury I was finally cleared in mid-March to have surgery in hopes of gaining full stability in my right knee.  If you aren’t up to … Continue reading »

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Hidden Gems in Hemet, California

Forty-something years of being a California native and I had yet to visit Hemet, California before this January. Embarassingly, I admit I thought that the Ramona Pageant took place in the city of Ramona, not Hemet.  Now after a day of taking in the various sights, I can say with enthusiasm that I plan to … Continue reading »

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Accidentally In San Diego County!

As a long time California native, arguably this state does not hold the same mystique and enchantment that it does for many who long to live here. Please do not mistake me, I love my home state.  However, I love it in the same way you love your childhood home or hometown.  It’s great to … Continue reading »

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Just Call Me Twinkle Toes

The Basque Traveler logo was born out of a recurring theme in my photos:  MY FEET!  I began taking photos of my feet while traveling because I travel alone and don’t have anyone handy to snap photos of me.  I have been doing it for years and now have several hundred photos capturing my manicured … Continue reading »

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Land of Avocados!

Welcome to San Diego County, California, land of avocados!  This county grows approximately sixty percent of all of the avocados in California and California grows ninety percent of the nation’s avocado crop!  Over fifteen years ago a close family member moved to rural Fallbrook in North San Diego County.  This cute town sits adjacent to … Continue reading »

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Where Was This Photo Taken? …Can You Guess?

Looks can deceive us.  Have you ever misjudged someone’s age, the weather outside when looking out from a window or in this case, a place?  Twenty-eight years ago I told my Engineer boyfriend that I loved him and would follow him anywhere in the world but Texas or Palmdale, CA.  I hated everything about Texas … Continue reading »

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Old Town San Diego – Something For Everyone!

Welcome to the “birthplace” of California!  Although there are indications that the Kumeyaay people inhabited the San Diego area dating back 9000 years ago, most tend to associate the earliest inhabitants with the Spanish settlements of 1769.  It was here that Father Junipero Serra established the first of 21 missions across California.  Later in 1835, a Mexican adobe … Continue reading »

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