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The months of May and June were a blur.  I know that I was alive during them because I have photos as evidence but because I operated at full-tilt I recall little. The month of May began with a surprise trip to Pennsylvania where I helped my son pack up at the end of the … Continue reading »

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An Invitation To Travel With Me…

  Traveling for long periods of time requires courage, flexibility, patience, tenacity, humility, trust, diplomacy, confidence, imagination, creativity and last but certainly not least; a sense of humor. This is what allows you to keep your cool when the going gets tough like it can when out on the road.         Everyone … Continue reading »

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The Brown Parka Story

Several years ago I had a job where I traveled throughout the week around the U.S.  I was given the location of my first assignment for the week over the weekend since I would leave on Sunday.  Unfortunately I wouldn’t learn of the second location until I was well into the trip thus making the … Continue reading »

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Just Call Me Twinkle Toes

The Basque Traveler logo was born out of a recurring theme in my photos:  MY FEET!  I began taking photos of my feet while traveling because I travel alone and don’t have anyone handy to snap photos of me.  I have been doing it for years and now have several hundred photos capturing my manicured … Continue reading »

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If My Jeans Could Talk…

My blue jeans are never far away from me, especially when I am traveling.  I have some that feel like trusty old comfortable slippers, a decorated pair that make me feel like a million bucks and some that are like souvenirs I collected in my travels.  One thing they share in common is that they … Continue reading »

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