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Monthly Archives: October 2013

My Secret Lair…

When I am seeking a tranquil retreat I always head to a strip of land that is barely one and a half miles wide and stretches nearly twenty-eight miles long.  The vast Pacific Ocean sits on its west, the Willapa Bay flanks the east side and it is tucked in by the treacherous Columbia River … Continue reading »

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Staircases Galore!

Staircases are practical, yet just as with clothing, form trumps function.  Well, at least that is the perspective of a traveling photographer and writer.   I have been fascinated with staircases since my childhood.  We initially had only porch steps in my childhood house but then my parents added on a big den (remember how … Continue reading »

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Vivas Las Vegas!!

I am not a gambler but every few years I need to get my Vegas fix.  Last June I was talked into accompanying a friend who was going to participate in the World Series of Poker tournament.  That was an interesting experience!  He lost his booty as well as his $1500 entry fee within two … Continue reading »

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Oh, The Wonderful People I Meet In My Travels!

Meet Hazel Schlesinger, a beautiful painter I encountered in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  I do not possess her painting talent but I tried my best to capture the spectacular beauty of the area & Hazel in these photographs.  For those interested, I have an album full of photos taken in Cannon Beach on my Facebook profile … Continue reading »

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Obsessed With Interesting Architecture! (Okay, The Ice Cream Wasn’t Shabby Either)

What is it with Americans and their fascination with buildings that resemble food or other things?  Think of Randy’s Donuts, the former Brown Derby and this tasty looking ice cream shop in Niagara Falls, NY.  I love fascinating architecture in general and spend hours taking photos of unique stairwells, doorways , cornices and such.  However, … Continue reading »

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I’ll Let You In On A Secret…

Pssst, my traveling is a thinly disguised cover to being able to sample food all over the world.  I literally ate my way across Europe last fall but thankfully I walked a good portion of the time to counter the negative results of all that good food.  Frites in Amsterdam were delicious, Dutch pancakes were … Continue reading »

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More of Zentralfriedhof in Wien…

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Enchanted Tombs at Zentralfriedhof

Zentralfriedhof is German for “central cemetery”.  Located on the outskirts of Vienna (Wien) Austria in a district known as Simmering, it is one of the largest cemeteries in the world and the largest in Europe by the number of interred.  I visited Zentralfriedhof in the fall of 2012 with a Sikh woman whom had never … Continue reading »

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October Wouldn’t Be Complete Without A Trip To The Cemetery!

Cemeteries are where our dearly departed rest peacefully.  Additionally, cemeteries are a teaching tool, an educational resource, if you will.  Many subjects may be explored there such as:  social studies, history, writing skills, art, science, religion and family studies.  Cemeteries are a reflection of a philosophy of death and burial as well as being useful … Continue reading »

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What Not To Do On a Trip!

Travel lessons can sometimes be subtle or in this case, they can be literally swift and painful.  It all began when I stopped to visit the Minuteman National Park in Concord, Massachusetts while traveling in New England to view the fall foliage.  Battle Road Trail winds through the national park for five and a half … Continue reading »

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