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Monthly Archives: January 2014

The Brown Parka Story

Several years ago I had a job where I traveled throughout the week around the U.S.  I was given the location of my first assignment for the week over the weekend since I would leave on Sunday.  Unfortunately I wouldn’t learn of the second location until I was well into the trip thus making the … Continue reading »

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At Home In The Pacific Northwest Countryside

I fall in love so easily and when I am in the Pacific Northwest, I fall in love daily.  It’s hard not to fall in love with the stunning landscapes especially in the countryside.  As for the rain?  It’s free water!  A Southern California native can really appreciate that.  The weather represents our lives; some … Continue reading »

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Hidden Gems in Hemet, California

Forty-something years of being a California native and I had yet to visit Hemet, California before this January. Embarassingly, I admit I thought that the Ramona Pageant took place in the city of Ramona, not Hemet.  Now after a day of taking in the various sights, I can say with enthusiasm that I plan to … Continue reading »

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Accidentally In San Diego County!

As a long time California native, arguably this state does not hold the same mystique and enchantment that it does for many who long to live here. Please do not mistake me, I love my home state.  However, I love it in the same way you love your childhood home or hometown.  It’s great to … Continue reading »

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