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Staircases Galore!

Posted by on October 17, 2013

Staircases are practical, yet just as with clothing, form trumps function.  Well, at least that is the perspective of a traveling photographer and writer.  Lighthouses & Ft. Canby 022

I have been fascinated with staircases since my childhood.  We initially had only porch steps in my childhood house but then my parents added on a big den (remember how we used to call them that and “rumpus rooms”?).  The entry down to the den contained increasingly wide steps that conjured up visions of a grand ballroom in my youthful mind.  My girlfriend Kathy and I took turns descending down them, draped with a patchwork quilt that we fancied was a royal cape.  I couldn’t decide at the time if I felt more comfortable in the commanding role of Queen or as a delicate Princess who awaited her Prince.

Phone photos 172 Phone photos 135Stairs provide much more than a way from Point A to Point B!  Anyone who has ever walked down a flight that provided a breathtaking view can attest to that.  Brides have been known to descend a flight, appearing as if to be floating on air down to their bridal ceremony.  Good movie chase and fight scenes always take place in a stairwell.  They have also been made famous in scary movies.  You can’t have a creepy basement scene without those dark steep narrow steps leading to it.

If you love stairs then head to densely populated area like San Francisco or Amsterdam where you will find an abundance of them!  Stairs there are typically very steep and have short treads so be careful!

Phone photos 383Phone photos 226The more unique the staircase, the better!Spring Break 2013 - East Coast 276

Phone photos 433Phone photos 356

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