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Mazel tov!

Posted by on November 17, 2013

I adore all weddings, mostly because they typically have accompanying parties and I enjoy fiestas! While traveling over the years I have made it a point to look for weddings to view.  I have peeked in on them in European cathedrals and spied in on receptions at restaurants.  I rarely ever turn down an invitation to a wedding because it is a great honor to be asked to part of a happy couple’s special day. Spring Break 2013 - East Coast 031 I realize that in America about fifty percent of marriages end in divorce.  I have some theories and opinions about that statistic but will keep those to myself.  Truthfully though, I haven’t completely given up believing in marriage as I have seen evidence of so many that are positively precious.  My Great Aunt and Uncle have recently celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary and my second cousin and his wife just celebrated their 50th by renewing their vows.  Incidentally, I caught the bouquet!  This leads me to ponder if the next wedding I attend will be my own!

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