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If My Jeans Could Talk…

Posted by on December 8, 2013

me with holsterMy blue jeans are never far away from me, especially when I am traveling.  I have some that feel like trusty old comfortable slippers, a decorated pair that make me feel like a million bucks and some that are like souvenirs I collected in my travels.  One thing they share in common is that they all have witnessed important parts of my life journey.

If my jeans could talk, what would they tell you?  These blue jeans to the left, worn while practicing shooting out in the Arizona desert, would reveal that I had ten extra pounds on me at the time.  Some of those pounds were lovingly added in Europe, just months before. A couple are attributed to the holidays that occurred two months before this was taken.  The rest were delightfully added while exploring new restaurants during a foray back into dating.

I am like most people, I have jeans for nearly every size I morph into.  My pant size worn at any time depends on my activity level and my social calendar.  I wear more blue jeans when I am in the United States and now rarely wear them in Europe.  While in Spain, I transform into a girly girl, adorning myself with jewelry and swirling skirts. Back in the U.S.A., especially in the Pacific Northwest, a comfortable pair of blue jeans paired with comfy sneakers are my favorite way to explore.  Olympic loop 174

Since I mostly travel alone, my trusty blue jeans could be compared to a best friend. One who knows too much about you but shares nothing with the world.  My jeans have seen tears, joy, rejection, love, pain, injury and laughter.  One thing is certain, they have seen plenty of action!  Blue jeans are versatile and that is what I argue makes them a constant in my wardrobe.  I wear them on errands, on “dressy casual” social occasions and even when sharing a cocktail and a few laughs with a friend.

Voodoo donuts & stuff 019I used to love to dance and if I have flexible enough jeans on, I have been known to wear them out dancing. Why, my former favorite jeans that were a souvenir of Seattle, got buried in Mexico after a full night of Salsa dancing with girlfriends that ended with a jean tear WAY beyond repair and a very embarrassed me!

My jeans, as do I, cherish their memories, good and bad.  Each and every outing they saw was a tiny piece of the journey that has created the multifaceted person I am today.

If YOUR jeans could talk, just what would THEY say?

2 Responses to If My Jeans Could Talk…

  1. Paul Murphy

    Randomly arrived here but found your piece very interesting. A different way at looking at past journeys. I had a pair of Burgundy shoes once (R.I.P) that reminded me of past steps through many places. Central Park to the Queen Mary moored in Long Beach and lots in between. That was a while back but your writing refreshed it. Thanks.

    • The Basque Traveler

      That’s awesome,Paul! I have some stilettos that could definitely tell some tales too. Thanks for finding my website and reading my story. I’m on Facebook too under the name,”Basque Traveler” ~ Michelle

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