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Posted by on April 6, 2014

leg in CPMIt is still hard for me to fathom that the ramifications of my innocent tumble last September in Massachusetts continue to keep me down.  Nearly 6 months after my initial injury I was finally cleared in mid-March to have surgery in hopes of gaining full stability in my right knee.  If you aren’t up to speed, I was on a “Fall Foliage” viewing adventure and managed to walk backwards off of a boardwalk because I was so engrossed in photo taking.  Yeah, I know, pretty lame.

According to my doctor, I heal SO well that my body overproduced scar tissue.  Lucky me!  My knee stiffen to an extreme state quickly and was only able to bend 17% by the time they were able to get me into physical therapy.  Four and a half months of therapy finally loosened it enough to obtain the range of motion necessary for surgery.  I am happy to report that the surgery is over, my ACL was repaired (two other tears repaired themselves as well as a tibia fracture) but a meniscus tear was discovered during surgery so they repaired that too.  The surprise meniscus tear resulted in nearly 3 weeks of non-weight bearing status.  As if I hadn’t been frustrated enough!  me with walker

This disabling journey has been painful at worst and humbling at best.  It forced me to return to my home state of California in order to get the physical assistance I needed.  Thank goodness my mother is well enough to care for me and willing to take me in for the duration of my recovery.  She and my step-father are retired and slowing down so arguably this was the ideal place to recover because life here is already slower than my sometimes warp speed pace.

I hate excessive downtime and this recovery stint was no exception so I quickly added on some activities to make me feel productive.  I took three online classes, began working from my computer part-time, watched Hallmark Xmas movies till I was out of tears, took a Staycation, began writing a book, sold several things from my storage, did some mild hiking, visited with friends, blogged constantly and even managed to date a few men.  Mind you, this is me down and out!

me at therapyNow with my surgery behind me and full recovery just some time and physical therapy appointments away, I am gearing up for more adventures.  I love the Pacific Northwest and will head there in late September for an extended stay.  In the meantime, the wild winds are apt to blow me about.  I hope to enjoy more of  California first, as it is my birth state.  I hear the Sacramento Train Museum and the beautiful and historic Gold Country beckoning me.  This Basque Traveler’s journey continues..


  1. Patricia Smith

    Nicely said BT you made the best out of this journey your sprit is admirable, good luck with the last leg of your recovery stay strong and open minded! Blow like the wind my dear hugs!

    • The Basque Traveler

      Thank you very much! I keep looking for the silver lining.

  2. Patricia Smith

    Spirit! Sorry I stand corrected!

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