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Haircuts On The Road…

Posted by on April 15, 2014

desert haircut 2011One gentleman I dated said that I was the closest thing to an object in perpetual motion that he’d ever met!  If that is true then you can imagine how difficult it is to squeeze in time for a haircut.  I hate haircuts.  That is until I get them.  Like a child who hates baths, I fight getting them but once I do, I can’t imagine why I waited so long to do it.

Living on the road, sometimes staying only one night somewhere presents an interesting challenge when it comes to haircuts.  If you love the cut you get in one foreign town, you have to live with regret that you are unlikely to be returning for another.  However, if you dislike your haircut then happily you can move on to other cities, states or countries to try other stylists.  Funky Dana Pt haircut

Since I am a Gemini and love variety, the notion of changing haircuts and colors as well as stylists feels very exciting to me.  It also lends itself to liking variety elsewhere but we had better leave that for another entirely different venue and conversation.

So, how about you?  Are you up for the challenge of trying out a different barber or stylist each time you get it a cut over the next year?  This is mild compared to storing all of your belongings and traveling without them for a year or more.  Nonetheless it still gets you out of your comfort zone enough to feel like you are testing the waters of living without structure.  Let me know if you get bold enough to attempt it.


20140313_153109My personal favorite hairdressers so far are a Master Color stylist in Acton, California and my girlfriend’s stylist in Vicenza,Italy.  Up to now I have had permed hair, straight hair, black hair, brown hair, burgundy and red hair!  Never blonde though.  I don’t think it agrees with my skin color.  Besides we have only one blonde in the family and she’s naturally blonde.  I think she ought to remain the anomaly.  Since the only thing we can be certain of IS change and given the fact that I am not done twirling about the universe, expect more hair “experiments” to pop up from time to time on my website.




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