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An Invitation To Travel With Me…

Posted by on April 17, 2014



Traveling for long periods of time requires courage, flexibility, patience, tenacity,

humility, trust, diplomacy, confidence, imagination,

creativity and last but certainly not least; a sense of humor.

This is what allows you to keep your cool when the going gets tough like it can when out on the road.



Chris & Heidi 018



Everyone has a story.  No story is unimportant.

It is the sharing of these very stories that is essential for

understanding our world and one another.







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Join me as I travel,

humbly entering into many cultures and lands,

acting as your eyepiece into some interesting places and into others’ lives and hearts.

Together we will explore, we will laugh, be inspired and be changed for the better, forever!

2 Responses to An Invitation To Travel With Me…

  1. Sean Quartermus

    It is truly a delight to “share” in your adventures, BT. Your vividness gives us great insight into a world that many will never get a chance to experience. March on…