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Posted by on July 22, 2014

The journey to find the right combination of romance, friendship and wicked chemistry continues…sigh! Since Part One was written in February of 2014, I have had a knee surgery, endured a cross-country trek and moved to Washington state from California.  I am not a fan of dating in Southern California and the majority of the dates I have had there over the years have provided some of the best and oddest dating tales.  This past eight month’s stay in my native state was no exception.  The men varied widely.  There was the Russian who bragged about how beautiful his former wife and girlfriends were and then proceeded to initiate debates with me.  He yielded one date.  The fireman was a blast and we talked for hours but his Irish stubbornness and my feisty Basque temperament proved to be too tumultuous.    I think we called it quits after four or so dates.  My personal favorite was the dreamy dad of two daughters.  Our chemistry was off the charts but alas, our schedules never overlapped well enough for a second Grudate though we tried for a month.  The two oddest men to cross my path lived in the same rural San Diego county I lived in.  One was a dead ringer for the male lead of the “Despicable  Me” movie.  He invited me to “crash” the company party he was throwing for his employees.  Nothing like meeting all of his employees and mother on the first “date”!  It was a heck of a party and truthfully, he was funny and as real as they come but every time he invited me out after, it involved cocktails late at night and that wasn’t the kind of interaction I was looking for.  The second man who lived near me was like a real-life MacGyver and he loved to fly.  This piqued my interest because I adore planes and love a man who is handy with tools.  On our  first “date” we ran errands together and had coffee/tea.  He asked me to walk his dog with him on the next “date”.  I was afraid to go out again for fear he would ask me to go grocery shopping with him.

20140524_191748_resizedThe man who caught my attention and my heart didn’t reside in California.  We had been on one date together some six months before in the state of Washington.  Various things prevented us from having a second or third date before I left to move to Pennsylvania.  I was surprised to hear from him again but something prompted him to reach out to me.  A text or two turned into hundreds of texts, emails and phone calls.  This went on for months as I endured physical therapy and a knee surgery.  Our growing friendship culminated in an eventual second date in May when I returned to Washington to seek housing.  It had always been my plan to return to Washington to live so having a new boyfriend lined up was a dream come true. I visited for four days and we spent a good deal of that time together visiting and boating.   It gave me hope but alas, things took a strange turn by the time I moved up several weeks later.  He became a mystery and pulled away leaving me to still wondering why the change of heart. The breakup hit me harder than expected since we had spent so little physical time together.


I retreated to the Olympic Peninsula where I seem to end up after breakups while in the state of Washington.  I refused to sulk or brood too long (like I usually do) after this heartbreak which led to putting myself back on the dating site roughly a week later.  That yielded a very strange encounter picnicwith a verbally abusive man who I, thankfully, did not have the opportunity to meet.  It also produced a short romance with one of the most romantic yet possessive men I have ever known.  The high moments were thrilling and the lows were extremely hard on both of us.  All of the warning signs were there and I led with caution but I eventually got caught up in the romance forgetting that a very independent, fun-loving Gemini was no match for an intense, serious and jealous Scorpio. Am I bitter now and cured of dating?  Heck no!  You can’t win if you don’t play the game.  I have met some of the most fascinating men because I am willing to lead with an open heart.  I love waking up never knowing what wonderful adventure awaits me or what magical relationship will catch me off guard.  The search continues…

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